60# 36" Hard Mono 3 Pack Leaders


The Gladiator Series hard mono leader options are a great monofilament leader choice and value. This is the 60# 36" Hard Mono 3 Pack.

This Hard Mono 3 Pack is made with 75# test black Rosco crane swivels and cross lock or coastlock style snaps. This option is requested by trollers that want a tough inexpensive hard mono leader option. 

These very tough filament leaders are part of many musky anglers leader choices. This casting hard mono leader has proven itself extremely reliable. Fished successfully in musky country for decades on monster fish well before the new fishing line craze.

We ask you to compare our prices to any other premium quality leader manufacturer to truly appreciate the value of what all our fishing leader options bring to anglers. 

We use Cortland hard mono fishing leader material.

Made with pride in America.

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