12" Fluorocarbon 60# to 100# Dozen


Fluorocarbon fishing leader Gladiator Series come in a variety of breaking strengths and lengths. Crosslock snap and a two welded ring ball bearing swivel. Clear water demands a stealth approach. Our strong casting nearly invisible fluorocarbon fishing leaders are perfect for clear waters and pressured fish.

Choose from our three great fluorocarbon leader options of some of the best in class fluorocarbon fishing leaders offered anywhere in the fishing industry. This is the Gladiator Series 60#, 80# or 100# test dozen of same option at twelve inches long.

Bulk packaged in three four packs of the same leader. Wholesale bulk priced for a great per dozen value. Retail customer purchases only.

We ask you to compare our prices to any other premium quality leader manufacturer to truly appreciate the value of what all our fishing leader options bring to all anglers. 

Our crimped leaders are guaranteed from crimp failure. Our guarantee from crimp failure does not include vehicle door cuts, bite-offs, running cranks through clam beds, uprooting trees or getting fatally hung up in any way. Please see our policy.

Check your fishing leaders, swivels and snaps regularly for nicks, cuts, normal wear, tear and fatigue. Discard and replace immediately with new fluorocarbon fishing leaders. The sun, gasoline, oil and other environmental factors affect the life expectancy of any fishing leader. Our premium quality fluorocarbon fishing leaders are proudly made in the USA.

Qualified distributor & retailer fluorocarbon price requests available by phone only. Wholesale sales at our discretion.

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