100# Titanium Stranded Leaders


Truly the Cadillac of Leaders, our Gladiator Series titanium fishing leaders come in different styles and a variety of lengths and breaking strengths. Made with a two welded ring ball bearing swivel. Bonded and finished to strict specifications. This is the 100# test stranded titanium leader option at 9", 12", 18" & 24" long.

Stranded wire cast and troll titanium seven strand leader almost indestructible in nature. The Gladiator of the titanium leader options. Recommended for trolling and casting with a straight retrieve. Amazing kink resistance. These stranded titanium fishing leaders are available in 30#, 60#, 80# and 100# test. Special Order titanium leaders are not readily in stock and may take longer to produce. No extra charge for Special Orders.

Value priced, with a choice of one stop, hassle free, secure website purchase, by phone or U.S. Postal Service Priority or Ground Mail. The best titanium fishing leader money can buy. Please compare prices and view quality to appreciate this true value.

Buy yourself some premium quality titanium leaders today.


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