Panfish Jigs 1/32nd & 1/80th Yummies


Yummies come in 1/32nd and 1/80th size/weight. They are made with granite dust paint which is extremely baked on durable. All jig eyes are cleaned and ready to tie. These are some of the highest quality panfish & finesse jigs on the market. Bluegills, perch, bass, crappies, walleyes and other species are taken by these hand tied jigs. Black tail is genuine turkey feather which breathes exceptionally well under water. Please take a close look to appreciate these works of art. We own some that are over ten years old. If you take care of them they will last you for years.

Enjoy seasons of fishing with these two size options in seven proven colors. On the size comparison picture to the left of this text is the smaller size 1/80th yummie jig size and the yummie of the same color to the right is the 1/32nd size option. The seven most productive head/body/tail colors available are: pink/pink/white, metallic blue/black/turkey feather, pink/white/ white, green/green chartreuse/green chartreuse, yellow chartreuse/chartreuse/chartreuse, glow in the dark white/white/white mylar, and metallic silver/purple/purple mylar. Get some yummies for your tackle box in both sizes and colors. 

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