Jigs Walleye Killer & Flash Fishing Jigs 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 oz Gamefish


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Walleye Jigs of awesome quality and amazing fish catching design. This choice of river style jig works great in all rivers as well as reef fishing in the Great Lakes and was hands down our number one choice for productive jig choices. Drift or cast with killer jigs with or without bait and hang on to your rod. Thin profile jig with treble hook added. We fish these jigs and have found the 5/8 size to be the overall winner for most fishing applications. We also offer 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 3/4 oz in Purple Head/Purple chartreuse Green Flash tail color that is a best seller.

Taylor Tackle says: " These premium quality jigs have been much copied over the years and they are still our number one seller. All types of game fish have been snared by this tantalizing lure but Walleyes are its main prey. Be sure to stock up on this big seller and order early. River fishermen find that this jig design overcomes the up-swell of the current better than any other designs, enabling you to use a lighter weight, making the strikes that much easier to feel. Each one of these lures comes with a proven stinger attached." 

We say: Don't fish Lake Erie, the Mississippi River or Canada without a dozen or two Killer Jigs in assorted colors. We clean out the hook eye and add clear glue to the tie wrap to make these jigs a tie-on ready superior long-lasting product. These modified out of the bag ready to fish jigs are worth every penny from Pro Fishing Source.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Inferior copycat versions of this jig can be purchased around all the Great Lakes and other big walleye waters for up to $3.75 each without coming close to the productivity of this original.

Please call us if you want us to special order other sizes and colors for you and we will do that. The special order has to be for one dozen (12 jigs) of same color and size. Pricing and production lead times will vary for special orders. Prices remain the same.    

Select the jig color and quantity using the drop-down menu.

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