Panfish Spinner Rig Fishing Kit


The Infiltrator Series Panfish & Finesse Spinner Rig Kit is a do it yourself spinner rig fishing kit. Unique because the blade uses a free floating pressed eyelet and has no clevis. Kit contains 35 crane swivels, 50 assorted hooks, red, pearl, and green 4mm faceted plastic beads and complete easy to read tying instruction sheet. Seven compartment clear plastic box with gold colored foil printing. The Infiltrator Series Panfish and Finesse Fishing Kit features eyeleted panfish blades in polished brass, polished nickel and fluorescent powder painted blades in fluorescent orange, fluorescent chartreuse, and glow in the dark.The kit includes 25 each VMC turned up eye bronze size 4 and 6 snell hooks that are machine honed so you can resharpen.

This Infiltrator Series Panfish & Finesse spinner rig fishing kit. Kit makes 35 bait rigs.

The Infiltrator Series Panfish and Finesse kit should be in your tackle box on your next trip. Great for big bluegills, yellow perch, crappies, sunfish, white bass and all other panfish. Sonic blade works wonders with plastic tails and live bait. Awesome when casting the inside or outside weedline for summer slabs with a short leader spinner rig on a bobber setup. Drifting a weighted down spinner with a loose drag setting with a closed bail on a rod holder also works great for larger panfish. Tie these spinners to the end of an umbrella rig and hang on to your rod.

When the yellow perch come closer to shore on the deep flats, rocks and reefs during the summer months in the Great Lakes, this is a must spinner option with cut bait, minnows or plastic tails. Perch hammer this live bait spinner rig. Devil's Lake, ND jumbo perch limit approved. This kit will be a plus in your arsenal.

This live bait spinner rig kit is also used as a Finesse option for casting and trolling for walleyes, smallmouth bass, grayling, trout streams, carp, finicky gamefish, pressured fish, gin clear water and Canadian Shield lakes. Great option for brook trout in small streams, creeks, Mississippi River backwaters, boat channels and ponds. Give yourself an edge and get this Infiltrator Series spinner rig finesse kit in your tackle box this fishing season.

 Walleye & Canadian trip options of this spinner rig kit below.

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