Split Rings Stainless Steel Super Rings from Wolverine Tackle


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Split Rings Super Rings from Wolverine Tackle, Inc designed to be the best money can buy. Three coil design in Stainless Steel. Must have for fresh or salt water big and small game fishing. Fifteen piece packs in Stainless Steel Options in sizes 4 to 7. The three larger sizes 8, 9 and 10 are ten packs.

The Salt Water Fisherman's Stainless Steel best in class choice options in seven sizes from left are: Size #4 for standard crankbaits at 120 lb test, size 5 at 135 lb test, size #6 rings that rate at 200 lb test, size #7 that rates at 270 lb test at .045 in wire diameter and larger bait super stainless steel split rings in sizes 8, 9 and 10 are all rated at 280 lb test.

Never consider Split Ring failure with these on your lures or leaders. Awesome, rust inhibited for fresh and salt water, long life, Made in USA split rings. Used worldwide by fresh and saltwater captains and commercial fishermen.

Sizes from left to right are larger than true size for your viewing.

The Texas Tackle Split Ring surgical stainless steel pliers are a great option to do the job efficiently. Good add on choice at a great shop at home price. Get one for your tackle box today.


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