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Liquid Willowcat

Beaver Tail Micro Plastics 30 Pack Ice Fishing

Beaver Tail Micro Plastics 30 Pack Ice Fishing

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Beaver Tail Micro Plastics

The nearly perfect ice fishing plastics, with a completely different scent. 

 -finesse tail with its segmented body allows it to move freely and naturally.   

 Multiple guides have tested and approved our products in the winter of 2020-2021. We are completely confident these plastic designs and scent combo will put more fish on the ice this winter. 

  Beaver tail meat has been used as a very effective attractant for ice fishing for a long time. It's natural sweet anise/musky scent is highly attractive to panfish and gamefish alike. There are a few problems with fresh beaver tail. Keeping it fresh, availability, cost, very few colors to choose from, consistency, and did we say keeping it fresh. We've addressed these problems and feel that this are nearly perfect ice fishing plastics!  Six colors to choose from.

- 30 scented baits per pack

- 1 1/8"  - 1/2" long

- Packaged in a new reuseable plastic "chew" can

- Other colors are available upon request

- Awesome year round fishing plastic from Liquid Willowcat 

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