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Suick Lures

Suick Lures Topwater Musky Pike Thriller & NiteWalker USA

Suick Lures Topwater Musky Pike Thriller & NiteWalker USA

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Style & Color

Best from Suick.


The same proven design that made Suick famous but made from an all new High Impact (HI) plastic, this Thriller is truly the best yet from Suick.

Suick Original Thrillers in HI now offers a full

spectrum of colors for the angler

Natural patterns to mimic baitfish forage.
Hot colors for dark to stained water as well as

water musky hunter colors.

Able to withstand violent collisions with rock

and gravel and with our revolutionary 

through-wire construction system this lure is sure

to excel under the most severe fish catching


Proudly made in the USA, we dare you to put this lure to the ultimate test!


Suick NiteWalker

This revolutionary topwater bait was designed by Northwoods fishing guide, Paul Hansen.

The compact body design and rotating tail section creates a loud water churning action that has claimed many trophy muskies and northern pike throughout the U.S. and Canada.  A legendary bait.  Wake up the monster fish in your waters.

Number of Hooks & Replacement Size: (2) 3/0 Treble.

Length: 4 1/2".

Weight: 2.25 oz.

Construction: 2 Piece Topwater Lure Bladed Tail Section Through Wire Construction. 

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