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Bitten Tackle

Bitten Tackle Warlock Crankbait Glider & Freak'n Frog Creeper

Bitten Tackle Warlock Crankbait Glider & Freak'n Frog Creeper

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The Warlock from Bitten Tackle is an easy to use glider style jerkbait that features stainless steel hardware, a solid plastic waterproof body and an adjustable tail that allows you to work your Warlock at different depths. The unique side to side erratic action of this bait has produced outstanding fish for years.  

Handmade and individually tank tuned in Hayward, Wisconsin.  We fish these baits and the action is amazing.  

Great Made in USA option for muskies and large pike in 10 colors.

This large profile Warlock is 7 3/4 inches long at 3.6 ounces.  

Warlock color options here are: Walleye, Perch, Sucker, Redhorse, Orange Perch, Golden Shiner, Black Pumpkin, Crappie, Bluegill and Ghost/Black Crappie.  


The Freak'N Frog Creeper has impressed Creeper enthusiasts all over the land since Bitten Tackle started building their awsome version in 2008. 

The solid plastic, through-wire constructed waterproof body and unique custom stainless steel wing design that virtually eliminated tuning, makes this Creeper topwater option possibly the toughest one on the market and certainly the largest of the creeper surface bait options we offer at Pro Fishing Source. 

This large Creeper option is 5.75 inches long at 2.7 ounces.  Big fish bait.

Creeper colors we offer are:  Black-Orange, Firetiger Lace and Frog Color.

Get some Warlocks and Freak'N Frogs for your large bait arsenal. 

Receive a choice of one free 12 inch 80lb, 100lb or 130lb test fluorocarbon leader with any 2 or more bait Bitten Tackle purchase.

Warlocks & Freaks are restocked frequently.




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