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Hi-Fin Tackle

Hi-Fin Creeper Fooler & Splash Tail Original Topwater Baits Muskie Pike

Hi-Fin Creeper Fooler & Splash Tail Original Topwater Baits Muskie Pike

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Hi-Fin Tackle assortment of three proven sucessful topwater must haves for your toothy predator hunting bait arsenal.

- CREEPERS  in seven traditional and new color patterns.  Strong durable wing      construction with maximum forward splash.

FOOLERS  in four super successful color patterns that need no introduction.  
  Proven weighted Topwater Bait.

SPLASH TAILS  in three very popular colors that will get any large critter feeding on top.  Comes with a strong built-in leader.

- The Creeper is 5" long, The Splash Tail is 6" long plus the tail blade and the Fooler is 9" long with a front underside forward weight.

Special offer: March-Sepember 2023.
Receive a choice of a 9" or 12" fluorocarbon or monofilament leader at 100lb test with the purchase of any two (2) or more Hi-Fin Tackle baits.
- All these Hi-Fin topwater choices have been catching monster fish for decades in all bodies of water.

The Hi-Fin Family of baits [there are many more bait options] are proudly Made in Wisconsin, USA.   

At PFS we have been building and selling fishing tackle at sports shows, this Online store, product links, Mail Order, wholesale and on eBay in the lower 48, since 1990. 

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