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60LB to 130LB Fluorocarbon 9" & 12" Fishing Leader B.B. Swivel 3 Pack

60LB to 130LB Fluorocarbon 9" & 12" Fishing Leader B.B. Swivel 3 Pack

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Fluorocarbon fishing leader Gladiator Series come in a variety of breaking strengths and lengths. Crosslock snap and a two welded-ring ball bearing swivel. Clear water demands a stealth approach. Our strong, casting and trolling nearly invisible fluorocarbon fishing leaders are great for clear waters and pressured fish.

These are the Welded-Ring Ball Bearing swivel option at 60lb, 80lb, 100lb and 130lb fluorocarbon fishing leader 3 packs at 9" or 12" long. 

These same fluorocarbon fishing leaders are available in a crane swivel 3 Pack option as well if you don't need a ball bearing swivel for your fishing application.   

We ask you to compare our prices to any premium quality leader manufacturer to appreciate the value of what our fishing leaders offer all anglers.  Ball Bearing and Crane swivel fluoro leaders are in stock and shipped on/by the next business day.  

Crimp failure does not include vehicle doors cuts, bite-offs, running cranks through clam beds, uprooting trees or getting fatally hung up in any way.

Check your fishing leaders, swivels and snaps regularly for nicks, cuts, normal wear and tear and fatigue. Replace immediately with new fluorocarbon fishing leaders. The sun, gasoline, oil and other environmental factors affect the life expectancy of any fishing leader. This bundle is the economical way to buy these fish ready fluorocarbon fishing leaders. 

A must for your leader bags. 

Our premium quality, competitively low prices and low shipping cost are reasons anglers return to us time and again for their premium fishing leader needs.

The 130lb 09" and 12"BB leaders use original Berkley welded ring ball bearing swivels and snaps that costs more. 

The orders ship USPS Ground Advantage with tracking and insurance.

Our quality assurance is backed with certified scale filament and wire testing.  We take pride in our in-house production using the best avilable components to offer fishing leader products at the best prices.

Our premium quality welded-ring Ball Bearing swivel and Crane swivel fluorocarbon fishing leader Packs are proudly made in Racine County Wisconsin, U.S.A. by Pro Fishing Source.




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