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Bait Buttons

Bait Buttons Original & Big Game + Refills

Bait Buttons Original & Big Game + Refills

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It's a fact that keeping a natural looking presentation on your hook is critical to fishing success.

The Bait Buttons hold plastic baits, trailer hooks and any kind of live bait in place.

The Bait Buttons come in two sizes to accomodate small/medium and large hooks.  They are the Original size and the Big Game size dispensers and refills. 

Please see the YouTube video enclosed for intruction on how to easily use and reload both Bait Button size containers.  Refills are sold separately.

The Original dispenser comes loaded with 100 Bait Buttons. 

The Original Refill Pack has 100 spare buttons.

The Big Game dispenser comes loaded with 25 Bait Buttons. 

The Big Game Refill Pack has 25 spare buttons.

The smaller Original Buttons can be used for salmon, steelhead, bass, trout, walleye, kokanee, catfish and all other fresh or saltwater gamefish.  Use on up to a 4/0 size hook.

The larger Big Game Buttons can be used for big bass, sturgeon, salmon, larger catfish and any fresh or saltwater fish.  Use on up to a 10/0 hook. 

Both of these Bait Buttons sizes make an awesome gift for the anglers in your life.

Bait Buttons & Refills are Made in the U.S.A.




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