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Crankbait Tape Transparent Holoform DIY 8 Colors Minnow Baits Walleye

Crankbait Tape Transparent Holoform DIY 8 Colors Minnow Baits Walleye

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Crankbait Transparent Holoform Tape IN 8 COLORS FOR Freshwater and Saltwater Baits are an awesome option for anglers that like tput their own spin by re-coloring their minnow style bait to catch more fish!

Very versatile Holoform tape that conforms to any slender minnow style bait.  

Use this tape on Bandit Deep Walleye cranks, P-10's, Flicker Minnows and Shad baits.

Used as well on other smooth sided long slender minnow baits from Rapala, Smithwick, Berkley, Bill Lewis....  

The Transparent Holoform Tape can aid in locating fish while trolling or casting shallow or deep water by running bait tape variations to find color preference.

Get more fishing out of your baits that would otherwise ride along in your bag.  

USPS First Class shipping with Tracking on all orders.  

You have 2 options when you buy these.  Both options details below.  

Please see the images for reference.


Availabe in "Eight sets/Pairs/ 16 Pieces of the same color" to fish like colors when ready. 

On the dropdown menu pick color/s:
From 1 through 8.  Add individually to the shopping cart.

Purchase as many same color sets of 8 as you wish.  No limit.


Eight sets of different tape colors / 16 total pieces, to figure out which color(s) fish like best in your body of water.

On the dropdown menu pick Option 10 with ALL the different tape colors (8) together in the picture. 

Or Buy both options.

A color reflection difference triggering finicky fish can be the answer on tough days.

Please ask questions if necessary before you buy to make sure you get what you are expecting.

Holoform Tape color refraction may vary slightly due to the image lighting.  

Note:  The bait bodies pictured are not part of the Transparent Holoform tape purchase.  Tape only.

The crankbait names mentioned are iconic American fishing brands.

Tape is made in the U.S.A.

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