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Bandit Custom Walleye Deep Crankbait 10 Colors

Bandit Custom Walleye Deep Crankbait 10 Colors

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Bandit Custom Walleye Deep

The Bandit Custom Walleye Deep Crankbait is one of the most productive walleye crankbaits ever made.  Proven time and again in all walleye waters for consistently putting fish in the boat.  The Bandit Walleye Deep is a slender minnow jerkbait that dives to 27 feet and trolls even deeper.  Our Pradco Outdoor Brand custom color painted Walleye Deep Bandits are 4 3/4 long at 5/8 oz with three size 4 treble hooks .  

Ten custom color painted Bandit Walleye Deep crankbaits in proven fish catching colors.  These custom colors target Lake Erie and other big walleye waters and have been found extremely productive.  The baits are painted, clear coated several times for durability and put back in their original packaging for shipping.  

The ten pictured custom colors available are:

1)  Molting Crayfish                              

2)  Candy Corn                      

3)  Basin Perch                

4)  Watermelon                   

5)  Blueback Splat                 

6)  Fruitie Pebble   

7)  Lady Dottie    

8)  Mardi Gras 

9)  Crackleled Pink

10) Blue Cracklehead

You can load up on a few colors to fish your waters eficiently be it clear, stained or in between.   The Bandits have multiple BB's that rattle as they roam the waters you troll.  Fish find them hard to resist.  All our custom Bandits are USA painted.

Click on the image to appreciate the craftsmanship.

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These unique deep Bandit customs sell out quickly so act accordingly.


Free pair of minnow bait transparent tape when you buy 2 or more Custom Bandits.

Tape offer may ship with the order or can be shipped separately to one address.

Transparent Minnow Bait Tape is also sold separately.  Check it out.

We also carry 14 other custom colors on a different page for a total of 24 colors to pick from.  Grab some from each page to add unique colors to your trays. Link is below. 


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