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  SSPlit-Ring Priers - Now "Patented". The "World's Best Split Ring Pliers" ("Salt Water Sportman") is what many users say about it. 

These are the ones that you've seen written about in BassMaster, In-Fisherman and the In-Fisherman Bass Guide, Salt Water Sportsman, Field and Stream, Sports Afield, Outdoor Life and many other magazines and books.  More positive reviews than any split ring pliers anywhere. 

We use these orange pliers to change out our size 4, 5, 6, 7 & higher split rings on our medium to larger baits with minimal effort.  

We don't use anything else because we believe they are the "Best in Class" for removing and replacing split rings.

We carry four different brands of Made in U.S.A. Premium Brand stainless steel and zinc nickel split rings and these pliers work seamlessly with all of them.
Make changing out your hooks, rigs and rings a breeze by getting yourself this easy to use fishing tool. All split ring options will be posted soon.

Makes a great gift for the fisherperson in your circles that has a lot of hooks to replace before the next opener.
These are the newest version of the pliers and are black/nickel in color and can be used from a size 4 to a size 10 split ring from most manufacturers.  We carry the size 5 from four different manyfacturers as that is the most requested size for regular cranks and other medium to larger baits as well. 

The exception is the Wolverine Super Rings with a 100 PCS Kit option. 

Please call us at the number below before buying if you have questions. 

"World's Best Split Ring Pliers" -- Salt Water Sportsman - 12/97

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