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Owner Hooks Mosquito Light & Owner SSW Needle Point Pro Packs

Owner Hooks Mosquito Light & Owner SSW Needle Point Pro Packs

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Style and Size

Owner Mosquito Light and Owner SSW Needle Point Pro Packs are two popular styles that are some of our Best in Class volume priced premium hook options. 


SIZE 4    - 57 HOOKS
SIZE 2    - 51 HOOKS
SIZE 1    - 46 HOOKS
SIZE 1/0 - 40 HOOKS

Designed for ultra -light line conditions, this hook is perfect for bass, trout, bluegill, and Crappie. Ideal for rigging finesse type baits and small live baits. Features includes a fine-wire forged shank with an in-line Super Needle Point and Black Chrome finish.  These are the Drop Shot Special hook by Owner. 
These are some of the most productive fishing hooks ever made.

SIZE 1     - 46 HOOKS
SIZE 1/0 - 40 HOOKS
SIZE 2/0 - 34 HOOKS
SIZE 3/0 - 27 HOOKS
SIZE  4/0 - 27 HOOK
SIZE 5/0 - 22 HOOKS
Great value for the price. Ideal for salmon and steelhead. Also good for baiting up nightcrawlers and minnows for walleye and panfish, and for rigging crabs, shrimp and blood worms for surf and bay fishing. Features include black chrome finish, up-eye forged shank and reversed-bend super needle point.  We offer this hook in a regular size and large predator size so both ends of the spectrum are covered. 

These Owner Pro Pack hooks cover most finesse and agressive bite applications.

We also carry Best In Class hooks by Gamakatsu, Daiichi, Spearpoint and other fish holding brands. If you feel the need for us to carry other popular Owner brand hooks let us know and we will inquire availability with Owner. 

Owner Pocket size packs are also available.  Check them out! 



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