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Spinner Rig Fishing Kits & In-line Blades Infiltrator Series Gamefish Panfish

Spinner Rig Fishing Kits & In-line Blades Infiltrator Series Gamefish Panfish

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Infiltrator Series 

In-Line Spinner Rig Kits

From Pro Fishing Source

The Walleye and Panfish - Finesse Do it Yourself spinner rig fishing kits are unique because the blade uses a pressed free floating eyelet and has no clevis.

No dead blades in the water because this system does not use a clevis. No kick starting blades ever again. Show your walleye, sauger, bass and gamefish population this new versatile live bait and artificial softbait spinner rig option.  We use extremely durable Witchcraft tape to color our larger size in-line blades.  

All three kits come with complete snelling and tying directions.

The Regular Walleye Kit contains 35 in-line sonic blades, 35small crane swivels, 50 turned up eye size 2, 4 & 6 VMC bronze hooks and red, pearl & green 4mm faceted plastic beads. Seven compartment clear box with gold foil printing.  Kit makes 35 rigs.

The Infiltrator Series Canada Kit option is a must for Canadian waters as the long-shank machine honed extremely sharp size 1 and size 2 VMC turned down eye hooks/25 of each size to deter bite-offs from walleyes, northern pike, pickerel, gar, stripers, trout, salmon, ocean critters and many other fish with very sharp teeth.  Kit makes 35 rigs.  The Canada Kit will pay for itself just in the amount of fish not lost, frustration and retying time. 

The Infiltrator Series Panfish and Finesse Fishing Kit features eyeleted panfish blades in polished brass, polished nickel and fluorescent powder painted blades in fluorescent orange, fluorescent chartreuse, and glow in the dark.  The white blade is glow in the dark.The kit includes 25 each VMC turned up eye bronze size 4 and 6 snell hooks that are machine honed so you can resharpen.  The panfish kit comes in the same box as the walleye rigs with the same quantity of faceted beads.  Kit makes 35 rigs. 

The Infiltrator Series Walleye In-line Spinner Rig Kit is an outstanding, one of a kind kit, proven effective in Lake Erie, Mille Lacs, Leech Lake, Green Bay, flatland reservoirs and all other inpoundments, Eagle Lake, all other Canadian waters, the Great Lakes, and many other great fisheries too numerous to mention. Used by many Lake Erie Charter Captains as a go to spinner rig option when the bite gets tough on Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass. North American Fishing Club Field Test Seal of Approval since 1999.

One of the most versatile live bait spinner rig systems on the market today. Makes a great gift for any occasion. 

NOTE:  Once the kits sell out, the blade options below will be replacing the kits. 



Check out the BLADES ONLY 10 pack images if you want to buy the blades only.

The ten larger Walleye Blades and Panfish/Finesse  smaller option per two of each, are always in stock and are made in USA by Pro Fishing Source.

Once you figure out which 10 Pack of the same color blades you want, please contact us so we can meet that need.

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