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Kastmaster Fishing Spoon 1/12 Oz Panfish Acme Tackle Company

Kastmaster Fishing Spoon 1/12 Oz Panfish Acme Tackle Company

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The Kastmaster spoon is one of the most effective lures for catching all species of fish because they resemble young fry that at various times of the year are a staple in the food chain in all systems.  We use the smaller versions of these extremely productive spoons to target perch, crappies, white bass, trout, big bluegills, and other sunfish.  Spoon can be used to catch inshore saltwater species.  

Simple teqniques that can be used in any body of water where panfish are present in the summer and winter months, making these smaller spoon options a year round joy to catch many fish. 

These Kastmaster spoons are 1/12 oz in a rattle, DT Slim, glow splash finish & hammered in 6 colors.

Kastmaster’s balance produces wild action without line twist!  Because of its aerodynamic design, it’s the master distance caster, and catches fish from pan-sized trout to bragging-sized stripers – in fresh and salt water.  The Kastmaster is precision machined.  It will not break, bend or corrode and it retains its luster even after repeated exposure to salt water.  Best in class!


Our favorite way to use these panfish size spoons is to cast them out and let them drop and flutter all the way down to the bottom using a scented plastic trailer mounted on an Eagle Claw size 6 hook that is included.  If no bites are detected on the drop, use your rod tip at about a 2 o'clock position and raise to the noon position with short wrist snaps allowing for the small offering to flutter down from six inches to a foot back to the bottom on a slack line repeating the process back to the boat.  Fish the weedline as well. 

Fish the front and back of river holes and eddies when shore or boat fishing.   Experiment with long pulls and eratic snaps to trigger reaction bites and neutral fish.  Fish usually strike as the spoon flutters back down.  Use a small crane swivel twelve to eighteen inches above the spoon if you want.  The ocassional bass, pike, walleye and other gamefish are often a bonus. 

To locate active fish try Fan casting at different depths  and repeating the retrieve and speed that yields results at that particular depth.   Line watching for subtle changes is important on the retrieve.   

 At times a slow steady straight retrieve gets bites as much as a jig and pause.  When crappies are feeding on top, a mid steady speed retrieve will do well.  Paying close attention to how the fish are reacting on any particular day on that body of water can result in a great day of fishing.


We include a size 6 Eagle Claw 210NM-6 Open Eye single hook with each bait as an option for you to quickly change out the treble using a needle nose pliers or a split ring pliers to close the hook eye once you replace the treble.  This can be done before getting on the water or onboard.  Adding a small 1" Berkley Gulp Alive Minnow or other scented small tail to the single hook completes the rig that drives fish to cosistently commit to this presentation.  See in the extra pics.  Add-on tails are not a part of this bonus.                 

We use this combination of spoon and Gulp Alive to consistently target and catch panfish and gamefish.

Note:  Berkley Gulp Alive in various styles at 1" or longer are available online and at most retail stores where Berkley/Pure Fishing, Inc. products are sold.  

Check out "Bluegills and Spoons" on YouTube from In-Fisherman TV for ideas.

Pure Fishing, Inc. & Acme Tackle Company are iconic American fishing brands.       


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