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Invasion Jigs

Invasion Tackle 1/16th & 1/8th Ounce Weedless Jigs 18 Piece Pocket Packs

Invasion Tackle 1/16th & 1/8th Ounce Weedless Jigs 18 Piece Pocket Packs

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Size and Style

Invasion Jigs - Weedless Swim Style

1/16th & 1/8th Ounce Pocket Packs

The Invasion Jigs 18 piece pocket packs come in 1/16th and 1/8th of an ounce in six colors.  The 1/16th oz jig size works for shallow water, wood and weeds. The 1/8th jig size is for working transition areas, deeper wood, weedlines, basins, and when using larger bait options.   

We asked the folks at Invasion Tackle to put together specific jig color combinations for us to meet water clarity fishing applications.  They delivered. The combination of six different colors include three solid hues and three multi-colored jigs that cover all the bases. The colors included in both of our Packs are:  Black, Chartreuse, Orange, Firetiger, Orange/Chartreuse and Purple/Pink. Our hand picked color selection may/ not reflect the images. Stand up jig design fo a natural presentation.  You will get three jigs in each color per kit. 

A 60 degree hook allows for a mostly snagless presentation through weeds and wood structure and the flexible nylon weedguard gets you through snag infested terrain where toothy predators ambush your offerings.  All Invasion Jig eyes are clean and ready to fish out of the pack.  A six compartment round container fits in your pocket with a low profile to easily fit any bag or tackle box.  These weedless swim style jig pocket pack options make a great gift for any serious fisher person you know.    


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